Chapter 6

Sharpen the mind, harden the body, soften the heart and be of service to the religion.

Allah instructs the believers “So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are [true] believers.” (3:139)

This verse came down after a defeat and serves…

Chapter 30

True accomplishment lies in the obedience to the Creator.

Anybody who says “I’m more spiritual than religious” is highly likely to be neither. This phrase essentially divorces God and religion from spirituality, and thereby secularises the idea of the Divine into abstraction.

The perceived highs, ‘deep thoughts’, and abstract spiritual…

Chapter 26

Who gets to dictate what is right and wrong?

People often succumb to “conventional wisdom” and conform to societal norms even though they may be wrong.

Corruption is Inevitable When There is no Guidance to Keep Humanity in Check

The desire for humans to exceed the limits is unceasing, which is why our Creator put limits on our behaviour. Without Allah legislating the…

Chapter 34

Qadr is beyond the realm of human intelligence and it would be arrogant to presume that we should comprehend it.

The Qur’ān asserts that the role of Messengers is to guide mankind to choose Truth over falsehood, to warn them of the consequences of turning away from Allāh’s religion, and…

Chapter 11

Examine your relationship with Allah.

The virtue of relying on Allah is mentioned and highly praised in many Quranic verses and what is mentioned frequently in the Quran is of profound significance and takes high priority.

Musa was homeless, jobless, and alone in a strange town, he helped two women…

Chapter 33

“I am as My slave thinks I am…” (Bukhari)

Your relationship with your creator and the connection you maintain with Him, is greatly influenced by what you think of Him and how you believe He sees you.

Allāh never fails in His promise, and should we assume otherwise our belief…

Chapter 32

The life and character of the Prophet ﷺ represents the pinnacle of human dignity, decency and greatness.

The Prophet ﷺ could not read or write, yet Alphonse de La Martaine writes: “This man moved not only armies, legislations, empires, peoples, dynasties, but millions of men in one-third of the then…

Chapter 31

Ask for it. Then act for it.

Dua can change what might seem logically impossible.

Along each day’s route, Islam designated five gracious pauses for Allah, distributed at specific times throughout the day, during which mankind is directed to meet their Lord, open their hearts, and speak their minds to Him. …

Chapter 29

“What use to be something that burned in the hearts of men, is now a subject of abstract philosophical debate” ~ Muhammad Iqbal

Every literary masterpiece in history has required at least one attempt at revision and improvement, and yet the Qur’an was never “edited” and remained unchanged over the…

Chapter 28

The creation suffices as evidence for the Creator.

For eons, forgotten losers of old have levelled abuse at the Divine and His notable representatives on Earth, not least of all at the Prophets of God. They are like sloths who spit at the sun: dirtied by their own splutter.


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